About Us

Together, Provide a Better Health.


Dynamic Argon, Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between companies within Dexa Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia and Dynamic Group, a Cambodia origin company. The venture was meant to establish a modern pharmacy distribution company, with international standards in good distribution practices, to fulfill the medical needs of the people of Cambodia.


Dynamic Argon will have a number of competitive excellence such as strength in the local market, eminent in areas such as Information Technology, supply chain, and service. The reason is none other than the fact that Dynamic Argon is backed up by highly experienced founders and caretakers who had been the expert in the pharmaceutical distribution in Cambodia for over 22 years, also with the support of PT Anugrah Argon Medica – a distribution company within Dexa Group since 1980 – who will share all their experience and expertise for the success of Dynamic Argon.

Now, Cambodia is making health as one of the strategic sectors in the development of Cambodia. According to WHO reports, Cambodia has made significant progress in the pharmaceutical sector, but still needs to be strengthened so that people get health insurance from the quality of safe, effective essential medicines at affordable prices.

Dynamic Argon is present in Cambodia with a vision to provide added value that is beneficial for consumers and business partners. With this vision it is expected to contribute health to all.